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Crystallite electric heating film

Author:Ben Date:2011/1/19 21:41:26
Crystallite electric heating film is such a technology that changes the surface properties of the base material and turns it into a new electrothermal material.This process is realized in gas phase, a variety of chemical elements undergo complex physical and chemical reactions in the form of atom,molecule or ion,during which a conductive film consists of atomic and ionic bond is formed on the surface of base material.

Efficient and energy-conservational :
A kind of planar heat source with efficient electrothermal energy conversion,It is proved by CHINA NATIONAL INFRARED&INDUSTRIAL ELECCTROTHERMAL PRODUCTS QUALITY SUPERVISION & TESTING CENTRE,that more than 96% electrical energy is converted into short wavelength infrared radiation.
Infrared radiant:
Ridiate far infrard has physical therapy effect.
It is proved that the wavelength of the infrared radiation is within It is proved that the wavelength of the infrared radiation is within 4-14 μm,as is so-called "sunshine lifebllod".When applied in medical and health care,far infrared radiation can activate blood circulation,relieve joint pain,dissipate blood stasis,relax nervous tension,decrease body fat,intensify liver function,strengthen immune system and has skincare and cosmetic effects.And in cultivation of plants in green house,it could activate water in the plant to promote its growth by improving water penetrability,diffusivity,solvency and absorbency.
Working below 450℃,it wont't give off light,clean,environment-friendly,energy-conservational.
Easy temperature control:
Low thermal inertia,fast temperature increase,even heat coverage,easy precise temperature control.
Wide available voltage range:
Customized power design range is 3-380V with power density 0.02-15w/cm2,AC/DC,which could be adjusted to satisfy different demands.
Various Shape:
The heating elements could be tubular,sheet even irregularly shaped in accordance with the appearance of insulated base material.
Durable and safe use:
Low startup current,complete parallel circuit,corrosion resistance.